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Charis, Sidcup

Gotta start by saying Mark is one of the funniest people to come across. As soon as I met him he made me feel comfortable and at ease with driving for the first time.

He wasn't just a guy who was teaching me how to drive he became a friend. Honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I've recommended him to each and every one of my friends and family who are looking to drive. I'll miss him and our banter.

A lovely guy all in all and great instructor. Pushes you to do what you can and nothing less. Thanks Mark :)


Mark is a great instructor with loads of experience that shows in his teaching. He has so much patience and enthusiasm that really encourages you to carry on driving even if you've failed your test previously.

He also helps you with your theory, so remember he's not there just to teach you the practical side of driving! I managed to pass with 1 minor and I'm really grateful to Mark!

Definitely recommend ParkME to anyone. You'll have fun learning and you'll definitely look forward to lessons because Mark is such a fun person to be around.


I am very grateful to Mark for his patient, enthusiastic driving lessons. His breadth and depth of driving knowledge is unsurpassed.  He managed to take a rather jaded on-again-off-again learner and transform me into a proficient and confident driver.   


He even helped me to perfect my manoeuvres which seemed so difficult in the beginning.  Excellent pass result for me propelled by an excellent teacher.


Kind regards,



Just want to say a big thank you to to Mark at Park ME Driving School for teaching me to drive. He was recommended to me by my sister after I'd had lessons with 4 other instructors who i wasn't happy with.


Mark is an excellent driving instructor who is patient and friendly. I highly recommend Park ME Driving School. 


Laura took driving lessons with Park Me Driving School in Erith and Belvedere.

driving instructor Bexleyheath


I had previously done driving lessons with a different driving school and found them unreliable and they had no belief in my driving. I gave up for a while until I found out about Mark through a friend. My first lesson was so relaxed and he taught me everything I needed to know about driving. He has always been reliable, patient, honest and probably the funniest person I have ever met he will never let you down!

I have always been a person who lacks confidence and suffers from really bad nerves when it comes to the test day. Mark never gave up on me and always had 100% belief in me. After being unsuccessful many times, I felt I wanted to give up. I had two weeks left until my theory run out and mark managed to get me a last minute cancellation, where I finally passed my test with 5 minors.

I can not thank mark enough, he never gave up on me and I couldn't of passed without his encouragement and support. If anyone is thinking of starting driving lessons you need to look no further mark is the right man for the job! Your a top bloke mark, thank you so much!

Lauren took driving lessons in Bexleyheath

driving instructor Sidcup


I found Mark to be a great and funny instructor that kept it at ease during all my lessons. Throughout my lessons with Mark he has known exactly what he is talking about and after a couple of attempts I finally managed to pass my test :)

Thanks very much again Mark, you're hilarious

Maisie took driving lessons in Sidcup

driving instructor Sidcup


Mark is the best driving instructor ever!!
After numerous attempts to pass my test I eventually gave up, believing that t was just not meant to be. Then I met Mark and decided to give driving another go, he is calm, informative, never got stressed and is possibly the funniest man I have ever met. He gave me the confidence to believe that I could pass a test. Lessons were relaxed, and now that I have passed my test I will miss our weekly meetings.

Mark you are a legend thankyou so much for all your help and making me believe in myself again.

Joanne took driving lessons in Sidcup

driving instructor Sidcup


I had my first driving lesson in the summer of 1999 and spent the years from then having occasional lessons but never having a test. A mixture of bad instructors, good friends, a very understanding wife and my own laziness led to more than a decade of non driving.
A chance website find and series of phone conversations with Mark would change this.

I had convinced myself that driving 'wasn't for me' I was to be a passenger for the rest of my life. When my wife announced she was pregnant I knew this had to change

Mark instantly put me a ease, talking through my fears at the start of each lesson, things I wanted to work on or avoid. We worked as a team, Mark would text me before and after lessons and gave me great advice regarding the hazard perception test, another area I was weak in.

In just over a week, having lessons everyday, Mark changed me from a nervous non driver to a confident driver passing my practical test first time with only 5 minors.

I dont have endless resources and, like most, money is tight Mark was able to offer a package that fitted my schedule and budget.

Lessons that at the beginning I would dread would be fun, challenging and prove to be the foundation that I needed to get myself in gear and believe I could actually pass.

His knowledge of test routes and hints/tips were very valuable.

On test day the pre test drive and mcdonalds was just what I needed to calm my nerves.
It felt like a friend giving me advise and support rather than a lecture from a teacher (always a better way to learn)
His in car jokes aren't great :) but I truly believe that without Mark I would not be a driver today

Thank you

Dave took driving lessons in Sidcup

driving instructor Sidcup


Just want to say a big thank you to Mark. Girling for teaching me to drive he is a fantastic instructor and I would like to recommend him to any one learning to drive.

I took driving lessons in Sidcup and passed with only 3 minors! thanks Mark

James took driving lessons in Sidcup

driving instructor belvedere erith


Thank you ever so much Mark for helping me pass my driving test at first attempt. I can remember my first lesson with Mark about 10weeks ago, I was really nervous about getting behind the wheels but by the end of the lesson and throughout my whole learning process, I felt very much relaxed and my confidence grows each and every day.

Mark is a first class instructor because he has confident in me, he's patient, funny, very reliable, chilled out and most importantly very supportive. I enjoy learning with Mark because he's got a great personality that makes you feel at ease and have fun while you learn. I will highly recommend anyone thinking of taking up driving to Mark because with him you're very much likely to pass first time like I did and his other students.

Marks your man because he's great at his job!

Saidat took driving lessons in Belvedere & Erith

driving instructor belvedere


'Mark is a great driving instructor, who actually knows how to teach and guide you along. Obviously he has some funny jokes but mine were definitely funnier, but driving with him is a pleasure, cause you don't feel scared, you feel calm and that allow your best to show through.

P.s. He's getting a Bentley for his next instructor car lol ;), Thanks Mark'

Dave took driving lessons in Belvedere

driving instructor dartford

Luke Tate

Mark is a great teacher! He made me feel relaxed from the first to the last lesson. He is a very experienced driver and knows exactly how to put things across so they are easy to understand!


Would definitely highly recommend Mark to anybody looking to learn to drive.I took my driving lessons in the Sidcup area, thanks Mark.

driving test

Charlie Pearce

For someone that has very little confidence in my driving abilities Mark always helped me feel better about myself learnt so many new things and he was always there listening to my constant moaning about my driving.

A very patient and kind instructor dose everything to help you out! Always felt comfortable in his company!

I will definitely be recommending him to everyone! Thank you so much for everything truly will be missed!


Just passed my test with flying colours. Really, all thanks goes to Mark's clear and direct instructions as well as his patience and gentle encouragement. I entered my test confidently and with very little doubt of passing.

Definitely the right choice of instructors. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him very highly to all of my friends in future. Thanks Mark

Everett took driving lessons in Sidcup and Erith.


Mark is a great instructor, he put me at ease from lesson one to my last lesson. He is a very easy going person who gives confidence to pupils, his lessons are well planned and I enjoyed every one.

He has a great knowledge of surrounding areas, I did my lessons in Bexleyheath and Belvedere he helped my pass after my second time.

Jack took driving lessons in Sidcup and Belvedere.


Thanks Mark !! If it wasn't for your support and relaxed teaching style I would never of got my Licence and I passed First time with you, thanks again,

I took Driving lessons in Blackfen and loved it


What can I say I was a person who never thought I would drive and if I was ever to it would have been an automatic, Mark changed all of that not only did he give me self belief but pushed me 2 where I'm today and that's with a full driving license.

I can't thank him enough in my opinion he's the best instructor out there and not just that he's a good friend been there when needed him and I will never forget that so all I can say is I wish you the best of luck and hope everything goes well for you like it is me.

Top Man Believe :)


Thanks to Mark I passed my test first time and in the space of a few months he's a great teacher even tho he made me need a filing for eating to many sweets.

Mark built my confidence up on the road even though he made me do the maneuvers I hated over and over again but it was worth it now as I now have freedom on the road.

Mark is a Government Registered Driving Instructor in Bexley and it shows!! Thanks mark =]


I wanted to learn to drive in Welling and was recommended Mark, well best thing I did, Mark is a straight forward trainer using new techniques, friendly professional approach and offers an open door policy.

He was always on time and he made me feel relaxed at everything we did. Thanks Mark!!


Ahh! Just passed my test with Mark, after failing the first attempt with nothing to blame but my nerves on the day, he got me back on track after being demotivated and just passed today with only three minors. He has been a cracking driving instructor, the best I've had and trust me I've had quite alot!

He is very friendly and has an amazing personality and just a generally nice guy! I would recommend Mark to anyone as he was the one who really helped me too pass today. I enjoyed every lesson I had with him to the point where I was looking forward too them!

Not Just a great driving instructor, a friend for many years too come! Cheers Mark greatly appreciate all the support!

David took driving lessons in Sidcup


Thanks Mark for top quality instruction, I had already failed three tests with different instructors until I was recommended Mark, he helped me with my confidence with precise instruction but in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mark has 'Changed my life' I would recommend Mark to everyone, thanks again best regards Ross

Ross took driving lessons in Sidcup


As a student of Mark Girling, I'm glad that I made him my choice of instructor. Mark taught me how to drive with a calm presence and using his superb instructing skills and driving knowledge. His presence alongside me as I had my first moments behind the wheel made me feel completely safe. he never loses his temper or patience which made my learning experience a very comfortable and enjoyable time.

I would recommend Mark to anyone who is aspiring to drive.

Luke took his lessons in Bexleyheath


Mark has been a great instructor, one of the best Ive had and Ive had a few! He is very friendly and has an amazing personality which kept me comfortable and not nervous at any time. I would recommend Mark to anyone as he was the one who helped me to where I am today.

I enjoyed every lesson I had with him and I am very thankful for the help and support i have received.

Tia took her lessons in Sidcup


I loved my driving lessons with Mark - he was so encouraging the whole time and really pushed me to be the best driver I could be. Thanks to him, I passed first time! My driving lessons were never boring, and always a lot of fun. I was also given a lot of freedom within my lessons to choose what I wanted to practice that week - no lesson was the same or boring.

Thank you Mark for really boosting my confidence in for my pass plus!

Jess took her lessons in Erith


Given that the only opportunity to learn and practice was during the lessons with Mark it is a great testament to him that I passed first time. Mark's knowledge of the routes used in Sidcup for the driving tests was invaluable. Also he was a great teacher whose mock tests were particularly excellent.

Thanks Mark for all your help and advice. When my wife decides to learn I will be in contact.

Andrew took his lessons in Sidcup


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